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Can dogs eat beef?

Posted on | January 30, 2012 | No Comments

Today I’ll be answering two questions that I have been asked quite a bit lately. These questions are:

Can dogs eat beef?


Can dogs eat steak?

So I’m sure you want to hear the short answer first: yes dogs can eat beef and steak. Personally I wouldn’t feed my dog raw beef or steak for the same reason I wouldn’t eat it myself. Some dogs are fine with eating raw beef/steak/meat and have had no problems with it, even over time. However, just like us humans, no two dogs are alike. What is okay for one dog may not necessarily be okay for another. Why not be on the safe side and cook the meat before feeding it to your dog?

Now I’ll answer the question: “Can dogs eat beef?” with a short story. Now you see, I used to be a worker at a local McDonalds joint. Every few days I would have an order for about 10 hamburger patties in a bowl and nothing else. I was curious as to why there were orders for about ten hamburger patties every now and then so I eventually asked a customer what they do with them. The response was, “I feed them to my dogs.”

At this point I was surprised and shocked that people go to their local McDonalds to pick up “dog food.” It certainly was not cheap either as it ended up costing about nine dollars. Either the people who buy ten patties for their dogs at McDonalds frequently are well off, or they are using the patties for dog training. I would not be surprised if the beef was used to train the dogs. Since the beef is already cooked, it probably saved the owners a great deal of time not needing to prepare the dog food.

Now to recap: Can dogs eat beef? Can dogs eat steak? Can dogs eat raw beef? Yes, yes, and maybe. Like I said before, each dog is different and nobody knows your dog better than you do. No matter what food I personally give my dog, I would make sure that it is cooked first but not all people feel the same way. Just remember, keep portions in control and don’t over-feed your dog. Also I will stress again that it is usually a better idea to give your dog certain foods every now and then rather than every day. Some people even give their dogs the same food for every meal. Can you imagine how boring that would be if you ate the same thing all day, every day? Give your dog the treat he or she deserves every now and then. Thanks for reading and best wishes to you and your dog!



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