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Can dogs eat blueberries

Posted on | December 28, 2011 | No Comments

You know the answer to can dogs eat apples is yes, and you know that dogs can’t eat grapes, so you must be wondering, can dogs eat blueberries? I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself that they look like mini grapes so they’re probably just as dangerous, right? Wrong! Blueberries are a great treat for dogs. Most dogs I know including mine absolutely love blueberries.

A friend of mine has a blueberry bush in her garden and her dog just eats them right off the bush! It’s amazing how such a small little berry can make a dog so happy. Although I tell you that dogs can eat blueberries it is very important that you take it for what it is. I said they can eat blueberries, not any other berry. Specifically blueberries. Before you feed any other type of berry to your dog, it is extremely important that you do research and find out if it is safe or not. I care about the health of your pet just as much as you do and would not want to see any dog get hurt because of failure to spend a few minutes doing research before feeding your dog or any pet.

Although generally blueberries are safe for dogs, you never know if your dog has an allergic reaction. When introducing a new food to your pet, it is always safe to give a little bit to your dog and see the reaction. Once you’re sure that it’s safe to give your dog the new food, you can give the dog more than you did during the “trial”.

Like other fruits, blueberries can be an awesome choice for a training treat for you dog whether you’re teaching him or her new tricks or rewarding your dog for great behavior. It’s never a bad idea to just show your dog some love every now and then and give him or her their favorite treat, even if it isn’t blueberries.

Lets recap. Can dogs eat blueberries? Yes, they can! Just remember not to give too many because too much of anything is never good. Moderation is the key point to remember when feeding anything to your dog. I cannot stress moderation enough, but if you’ve been reading my other articles, you should be fully aware of that. Moderation is the key to success when feeding your dog. You don’t want to feed too much as to cause problems, but you also don’t want to feed too little and have your dog hungry all the time. Now that you know the answer to can dogs eat blueberries, get out there and show your dog some love. Best luck & wishes to you both!



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