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Can dogs eat carrots?

Posted on | December 18, 2011 | No Comments

Alright, now that we’ve answered most of the primary fruit concerns of dog owners such as: Can dogs eat apples, Can dogs eat bananas, can dogs eat watermelon, and last but not least, can dogs eat grapes. I guess it’s only fair that we move on to a new subject…..vegetables. Specifically today we’re going to be talking about the question: Can dogs eat carrots?

As always, the short answer will come first. Yes, it’s fine for dogs to eat carrots. As you may know if you read my other articles, just make sure you don’t give your dog too many. Too much of anything is bad, not only for dogs but for you and me as well. You must be thinking right now, does the golden rule apple to vegetables? Well, let me save you the searching, yes it does. The golden rule of feeding applies to any food given to your dog, or even eaten by yourself. Of course we have more tolerance to foods than dogs but you wouldn’t drink four gallons of iced tea in one day would you?

Now let’s talk about why carrots are good for dogs. The first reason revolves around nutrition. Carrots are high in fiber and will help your dog’s digestive system. If you’re helping your dog’s digestive system, that’s one less thing for you to worry about.  The second reason revolves around the category of hygiene. You may not know this but carrots help clean dogs’ teeth. Yes, amazing isn’t it? If you’ve wanted a dog with nicer looking teeth, this might just be the information you were looking for. Carrots have even been said to reduce swelling of the gums and even gum odor! If you look at it this way, a dog fed carrots has a less smelly mouth.

Well now let’s recap. Can dogs eat carrots? Yes, yes they can. Is it a good idea to give dogs carrots? Definitely! Not only should they be given for health reasons, but you should also think about giving your dog carrots as a reward for good behavior or “training treats.” Feeding your dog carrots should be good for his or her digestive system, mouth, and training. If those aren’t enough reasons for you to give dogs carrots, I don’t know what will be. Once again, best of luck to you, your dog, and your carrots! See you later, until next time, when we talk about another vegetable.



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