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Can dogs eat cherries?

Posted on | April 10, 2012 | No Comments

So after a bit of research, I have concluded that for the most part everybody agrees on this answer which is, Yes, dogs can eat cherries, as long as you remove the pit, seeds, and the stem. The pit may not only be toxic for your dog, but it is also very easy to choke on. I personally love cherries and I have never given my dog cherries before since I was unsure about this one but it seems like it just might be okay. I think I just may have stumbled upon a new training fruit for my best buddy! I’ll give her a cherry or two after playing with her to see how she reacts to them, fingers crossed that there’s no harm.

If you gave your dog cherries, please feel free to let us know if your dog faced any side effects from it, please do provide details such as how many, did you include the pit/stem, was it by accident, and any other information you may find to be relevant. This is a very interesting subject and I’d love to learn more as well from fellow dog owners!



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