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Can dogs eat eggs

Posted on | January 11, 2013 | No Comments

You can get them in many different forms: scrambled, hard-boiled, fried, and some even prefer them raw! If you haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about eggs!  Specifically if dogs can eat eggs. I’ll go into a little bit about it but you should know that generally eggs are safe for dogs.

The only problem you may see with dogs eating eggs is the potential side effects. They are not super severe side effects as you may be thinking. The two biggest ones are weight gain and flatulence, or passing gas so if your dog lets out a stinky one after a meal of eggs, don’t be too surprised.

You may be aware that some dogs are more prone to weight gain than others when eating fatty foods. Eggs are high in fat and protein so you should be aware of this when you portion out the eggs to feed your dog. Most of the fat is stored in the yolk of the egg so to keep the fat down you could simply give your dog only the white part of the egg.

One side effect of dogs eating eggs is actually a positive one. It’s been known that when dogs eat eggs, it keeps their coat, or fur shiny. Keeping the fur shiny will keep your dog looking younger and stronger.

Personally I would stay away from raw eggs because they do contain bad bacteria and can cause diseases. You can cook your eggs or hard boil them. It is best to make sure that the eggs are cooled down if you are going to give your dog hard boiled eggs.

If you dog has eaten raw eggs, there’s no need to panic. Chances are your dog is fine although there is the every once in a while case where the dog may get sick. If you do notice your dog getting sick after eating raw eggs, do take him or her to the vet ASAP for expert medical advice. Dogs do not have the same digestive system as we do. Dogs are able to digest raw foods, especially meat, far better than we are. Raw eggs may also cause diarrhea so even though there’s no need to panic, I would recommend you take the extra time and cook the eggs.

So can dogs eat eggs? Yes, of course! Just remember, I have repeated this over and over again but it is the most important part! Make sure you practice moderation. You should not give your dog “human foods” every single day or for many meals. Eggs may be good for a treat once in a while, just like other “human foods.” If you follow this rule, you should be in good shape.



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