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Can dogs eat peanuts

Posted on | January 16, 2013 | No Comments

A lot of people nowadays are wondering what food their animals should or shouldn’t eat. They’re scared that some things can actually harm their animals, according to myths or rumors that they find on the internet or out on the street. One of the questions often brought up is, “Can dogs eat peanuts”? These people are wondering if it will harm their dog in any way shape or form, and can it actually be healthy for them? Well first off, the answer right off the bat is yes. They can eat peanuts, and it is not harmful to them in any way shape or form. A lot of dog treats have synthetic peanut butter already in them, and it is also used as an individual treat for them when put on a spoon or on top of their food.

There are rumors all over the place that dogs have actually died from this, and some of them are not exactly rumors. The difference is that the people who are responsible for the stories neglected to say anything about the dogs having a peanut allergy, (which of course is going to kill them). They didn’t know that when they fed it to them, obviously, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth reporting as well. This is part of the reason that so many people are afraid to feed it to their dog in the first place, (when ironically they are probably giving them some form of a peanut just by what they feed them). This is also why it is important to check what kind of chemicals are in your dogs food ahead of time, especially if you know that they have some form of allergy.


So the question is no longer “Can dogs eat peanuts” at this point, but instead is it safe for them to? Well, if you really have a strong desire to feed your dog some sort of peanut product, (or have some sort of application that he or she desperately needs but are afraid to use it because it contains some sort of peanut-related product), you should consult a vet or get some sort of test done. While it may not seem like a big deal, peanut allergies are actually some of the most brutal and painful types out there. They are generally never mild, and can end up being fatal if too much is given to a dog that is allergic to it at one time. It’s important to remember that dogs are smaller than humans, and thus tolerance for allergies and pain is much lower.

All in all, you shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of giving your dog peanut butter. It’s smart to meter it out, instead, to make sure that they can handle it. A lot of dogs actually love peanuts and peanut butter, as something about the taste makes them happy and stimulates them. Giving them just a small taste of it and building it up from that point is a great way to be safe and also let them have what they want. Most of all, keep in mind that it will not have a negative effect on your animal as long as you give it time to build up before increasing how much you give him or her, and monitor how they act. Most dogs aren’t allergic to peanuts anyways, but you can never be too careful with someone that you cares about!



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