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Can dogs eat strawberries

Posted on | May 22, 2012 | No Comments

Can dogs eat strawberries?  Yes, yes they can. Strawberries are one of the fruits on the safer side of the food list so they should be perfectly fine for dogs, given that you feed them in small amounts, of course.

Although dogs can eat strawberries, feeding your dog strawberries every single day can end up in negative effects. Unlike humans, who sometimes eat strawberries in large amounts very often (sometimes with delicious toppings such as whipped cream), dogs can only take so much before they get sick.

What I would recommend is no more than 1 or 2 strawberries every once in a while, especially using them for training if your dog loves them! What you might not know is that there is a hidden benefit of strawberries for dogs. Strawberries may help clean your dog’s teeth, or keep them clean if they are already so it might not be bad to throw one in every now and then. This benefit of course is added on top of the fact that they are already delicious.

Nice cold strawberries can be a very satisfying snack on a hot summer day, for humans AND for dogs, especially if combined with some cool whip, which is if your dog can have cool whip. Although cool whip is not the healthiest thing out there, it certainly is a very tasty thing to have, especially combined with strawberries or other kinds of fruit.

The key to most foods for your dog is going to be moderation. Don’t give your dog too much that it can cause adverse problems, but also give your dog just enough to fill a craving. Also, remember not to make it a regular thing such as giving your dog strawberries every single day. Try to limit it to once or twice a week if you absolutely have to. Remember, not all people food is for dogs although it may not hurt dogs, it might not benefit them either.

So now you’ve got the answer to `Can dogs eat strawberries` and you have learned that cool whip may not be bad for the either (although it certainly isn’t good for dogs OR for humans) why don’t you take some time to look at the other foods that your dog can or cannot eat on the right?




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