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Can dogs eat watermelon?

Posted on | December 17, 2011 | No Comments

Alright by now you’ve probably got the answers to: Can dogs eat apples, can dogs eat bananas, and can dogs eat grapes? You’re probably wondering, “What happened to that delicious fruit everyone loves?” What? You can’t figure out which fruit I’m talking about? You should be able to figure it out, it brings Christmas joy in the summer because of its colors: red & green. Alright now you know, or do you? Watermelon! That’s right, I was talking about watermelon. Not just watermelon, I’m going to talk to you about the question you have on your mind: Can dogs eat watermelon?

Alright, now you’re getting curious, I apologize for giving you such a long introduction, but I hope you found my terrible sense of humor quite amusing. Let me jump right into the answer, which is of course, yes. Dogs can eat watermelon, but under 1 condition, much like the other foods you should probably follow that golden rule we’ve been talking about. In case you don’t know what it is, remember portion control. Give your dog the watermelon in small amounts. A good idea would probably be giving your dog a little bit of watermelon and then waiting a few days to see if he or she is okay. Chances are your dog will be 100% fine from eating watermelon unless he or she has some sort of allergic reaction to it, in which case you should probably run to the veterinarian.

Alright now that you know the answer to “Can dogs eat watermelon?” so I’ll move on to answering what else might be in your head: Should I feed my dog watermelon? Now this one is entirely up to you. If you are absolutely sure that watermelon is safe for your dog, why not? Watermelon is a very tasty fruit so I would recommend feeding your dog watermelon every now and then as  a treat or reward for good behavior. Treating your pet for good behavior is not only an excellent thing to do to teach your pet good behaviors, but it is also good for you relationship with your pet. Why you may ask? Your dog will know that you are the one treating your dog, therefore he or she will learn to like you more than those who aren’t putting food in her plate.

Well now you know the answer to the question Can dogs eat  watermelon, which is why you’re here in the first place. You now have two options, check out some of the other interesting articles, or you can leave. No I’m not kicking you out. All I’m doing is stating what you can do next, however if I may add, you might want to stay to check out some other questions you might have such as Can dogs eat apples, can dogs eat bananas, and even Can dogs eat grapes. Enjoy and best wishes go out to you and your pet!



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