Can dogs eat apples?

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Can dogs eat onions?

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’m going to make this one very clear, Dogs can NOT eat onions. They contain thiosulphate which is a chemical that is very toxic to dogs. This can lead to your dog developing a condition called Haemolytic Anaemia which will cause red blood cells in your dog to […]

Can dogs eat cinnamon

This tasteful spice is all over the place, spicing up your life and perhaps even your dog’s. I’m writing about cinnamon today. Whilst it is found in various dog treats, you could assume that cinnamon is safe for dogs, BUT there have been reports in some cases where cinnamon made a dog very sick. You […]

Can dogs eat asparagus

Yes, dogs can eat asparagus. This is going to be a quick one so I’ll just tell you about its benefits and potential side effects.  You may or may not know that asparagus contains vitamins A, B, AND C so you’re getting some nutrients to your beloved friend. As you know apples provide fiber to […]

Can dogs eat peanut butter

Can dogs eat peanut butter? YES! This one is my favorite since watching a dog eat peanut butter is just hilarious! I found a video on YouTube of a little pup eating peanut butter and I loved it! I’ll go ahead and post the video at the end of this article so if you want […]

What can dogs eat? A message from our readers!

So I just received this email two days ago, with the permission of the sender I have posted this email here today so that you guys can see an example of a routine that this person has with his labradore. According to him, dogs can eat raw chicken caucuses, cod liver oil, lamb bones, dried […]

Can dogs eat honey

Ah, that gooey yellow thick substance we all come to love…yes…honey. We know that we can eat honey but what we want to know is, Can dogs eat honey? I’ve been researching this topic for quite a while now and I’ll let you know right now that there are mixed opinions on this issue. Many […]

What NOT to give dogs

Here’s a quick list of what dogs can not eat. I will update this list as often as I can and as often as I find new foods. Feel free to leave a comment with any other foods you think dogs should not eat. Chocolate Grapes Avocado Anything with caffeine Raisins Macadamia Nuts Raw eggs and meat […]

Can dogs eat shrimp

Let’s jump right into this one since I have already talked about it when I answered your questions about dogs eating fish. Yes dogs can eat shrimp IF and ONLY IF they are de-shelled, prepared, and not in larger amounts. A few SMALL shrimp may be fine for your dog. You should stay away from […]

Is milk bad for dogs

So I get asked this question quite often, I did go over it in the last post but I think I’ll talk about it shortly in this post. Milk is not bad for dogs however most dogs are lactose intolerant so their tummies won’t be able to break down the lactose or milk sugar. This […]

Can dogs drink milk

Ah, that creamy white drink that we are all used to drink from infancy. Yes you guessed it, today’s topic is milk. With cereal, cookies, or even in a plain glass, we are used to consuming tremendous quantities of milk through the course of our life, but the question that lies here today is Can […]

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