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Dog agility training

Posted on | January 23, 2013 | No Comments

Alright guys, this post isn’t going to be about apples, or bananas, or any other food you may be thinking of. I have gotten an email from a user named Alyssa asking if dog agility training is important. I’ll try to tackle this subject to the best of my knowledge however I do not have much experience in this field to give a lot of input.

First off, what exactly is agility training your dog? It’s training your dog to move quicker, smarter, and overall faster. The primary goal of dog agility training may be to teach your dog to react quicker to certain situations or just improve the overall health of your dog because the more you train your dog, the more exercise he or she is getting leading to a healthier lifestyle.

To aid in your dog agility training, you can pick up some agility training obstacles from your nearest pet store or even get them from the internet. Some of these obstacles include long tubes, hurdles, and training weaves. This equipment will not only help you train your dog properly, but it will save you money in the long run because you will not have to pay for a personal trainer for your dog. Personal trainers can get very expensive and with the proper tools and knowledge you can get dog agility training done right in your back yard.

The overall concept is not very hard. You ask your dog to do a certain thing, such as jump over a hurdle and if he or she does it properly, you give them a treat (do you see those apples coming in handy now?). Although this can be very frustrating, you need to be persistent and keep at it. The end result will make you feel great and have your dog very happy as well. It also makes for a neat show if you have friends or family over. There is a lot of entertainment value in seeing a dog do tricks and you can blow the minds of your friends and family out of the water if the tricks are cool enough.

Dog agility training is absolutely something you should consider doing yourself. If you just don’t feel comfortable, you can always hire a trainer to do it for you.



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