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Dog Training Games

Posted on | January 23, 2013 | No Comments

So I talk about training dogs all the time but I have never really gotten a chance to write about it. I got an email the other day from a lovely reader asking me what are your favorite dog training games. I wasn’t really sure what dog training games were at first but then I figured it out.

The one training game I play with my dog all the time is fetch! You may not have even realized that it is a training game but it sure is. Playing fetch with your dog teaches your dog to act on your command giving you more control of your dog in certain situations. Playing fetch also allows your dog to get some exercise which is crucial to the well being and health of an animal.

You may be thinking to yourself, how can I play fetch all the time, it gets very boring after a while. Once you do get to the point where you are just absolutely sick and tired of only playing fetch with your dog, you can take it to the next level. You can try to get your dog to drop the thrown object off somewhere else other than bringing it back to you. You can also try to get your dog to stop fetching after he or she has already began to run towards the object. If you teach your dog to stop it shows that you will have more control over your dog and it will help you stop your dog from doing something when he or she gets a little carried away.

Believe it or not, dogs have feelings too and when you spend time with them doing something as simple as playing fetch, it does help them feel better as well as helping you feel better about yourself. Dogs have been proven to show symptoms of anxiety when they are separated from their owners so it’s always great to spend the extra time playing with your dog to show them you love them. Dogs will return the favor by being there for you when you need them and they have been shown to understand when you are feeling down or depressed. This is only one of the reasons why dogs are man’s best friend! Woof!



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